Drop-In mode multiple IP's on WAN1

We’d deployed a Balance 580 in Drop-In mode. That works fine on the primary WAN IP. However, additional IP’s added don’t seem to receive traffic. I add an InBound Firewall Rule to temporarily log everything. I never see traffic in the event log except if targeting that first IP address. I also don’t see it on the firewall attached to the LAN port (I see traffic for the 1st IP but not the additional IP’s).



I think I have this figured out. When you enable Drop-In mode there’s a little line that says it will include all the IP’s in your range. It seems that if miss that and then go to the drop-in wan profile and ‘add additional ips’ it’ll jack up the forwarding to your lan interface.


The Balance acts like a bridge on the primary WAN with a drop-in mode deployment. Typically the firewall owns all of the IP addresses in that network except for the Peplink’s IP. There is no NAT on that WAN so everything gets forwarded automatically to your firewall on the LAN side of the Balance.