Drop-in mode migration ( configured public IPs )

Hi, Peplink guys,

I found only one LAN interface (WAN1=LAN interface) can be used/configured in “drop-in mode”, if we have existing two or more WAN links already have been configured in the firewall ( it has also been acting as the link controller), and different public IPs (from these ISP links) are also being used in the firewall, how to keep these configurations ( still want to keep these IP configurations in the firewall ) ?


You can’t. You’ll need to make a decision on the roles of each device.

Generally speaking you only want one edge device to be responsible for multi WAN management. If it was me, I’d convince the client to give the Peplink the multi-WAN management role as its so much better at it than anything else.

If you have a customer who won’t (or can’t) change their config at all, then leave their 2nd WAN alone, do drop in mode on their primary WAN and add additional WAN connectivity (and cellular too if you want) to the Peplink and provide that to their existing primary WAN on their firewall.

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Hi, Martin,

Thanks for your suggestion, but it is not our requirement.

If we configure the Peplink B-380 in normal way (NAT or IP forwarding), for example, could we make use of these three LAN interfaces( keeping the public IP configuration in firewall ) ?

OK. So obviously I don’t yet understand your requirement fully.

What do you actually mean by this?

Are you saying you want the public IP addressing on the WAN interfaces of the existing firewall to stay the same and the Peplink to be transparent, or are you saying you want the existing firewall ruleset to be used (perhaps because its a complex one or due to compliance) but the IP addressing on the firewall itself can change (perhaps to a set of private IPs)?

And why are you installing the Peplink? Is it to add more conenctivity, or is it for site to site VPN (or both).

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Hi, Martin,

Thanks so much for your effort on this question.

Drop-in mode, is not fit to our case.

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