Drop in mode IPsec VPN

I have a balance 210 in drop in mode with two wan connection and it is working fine. There is a firewall behind the peplink and it has a site to site ipsec vpn setup on wan1. If wan1 goes down, I would like to have a redundant site to site vpn and wan 2. Is this possible with the peplink?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dajinx,

This can be achieve if IPSEC end to end device is using Balance devices. For more information, please refer to the attached IPSEC configuration for Balance.

You can define the WAN priority for the IPSEC configuration. This will allow IPSEC WAN fail-over.

Basically for B210 will gather the WAN fail-over, this will allow the IPSEC connection using WAN2.

Regarding to your question whether or not IPSEC can enstablish using WAN2, you may need to further check with the firewall vendor as the IPSEC configuration need to support such fail-over.

Thank You