Drop-in Mode IP config

Hi. I’m using Peplink Balance 580 in router mode now, and i want to switch it do drop-in mode. The problem is that my isp issue to me only 1 ip address 195.14.xxx.60/30 plus 16 additional ip’s 93.109.xxx.64/28. As I understand I should default gateway 195.14.xxx.62 but what ip should be in LAN interface? Will it be one of the additional ip’s?


May I ask you why you need to switch your Balance 580 in Drop-in mode?

I just want to make sure that Drop-in Mode is a better solution in your network environment.

(I’m also curious to know how your Balance 580 has been running in Natted mode currently.)

Drop-in Mode consumes only one public IP and the WAN and the LAN will be the same IP.

The followings are good knowledgeable articles.

Deploying the Peplink Balance in Drop-in mode


How many IP addresses does Peplink Balance consume under Drop-in Mode?


If you could provide us more information by creating a ticket at http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/ including your current network diagram with IP address scheme and a diagnostic report, we should be able to give you more specific information on how you should configure the unit.

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dropin mod works for me perfectly

as per your scenario if we the lan is using the natted ip

now there isone pc in the network with ip192.168.1.10 this should go through isp 2. which is not working can u please help me out i dont knowhow put the outbound ploicy

With a firewall on the inside doing a NAT you are not able to identify the source PC. The destination or protocol can be used for this scenario to configure outbound policy rules.

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Dear Ron
really thanks for the prompt response can u explain me how can i do it

i m really stuck with the customer

If there are additional public IP addresses on the firewall it can have a 1-1 NAT to so the source IP can be seen in the client list of the Balance.

If that option is not possible you can still send specific traffic through ISP 2 by identifying the destination or traffic type.

Example for sending all web traffic out ISP 2:

Source = Any
Destination = Any
Protocol = TCP Port 80
Priority or Enforced Algorithm using WAN 2.

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thanks for the support

in this case all the network web traffic will be forwarded through isp2

i need specific pc or server to send traffic through isp2 without natting option for the second isp

Is it doable?