Drop-in Mode Balance One Shared IP Address Help

I’m a relative newbie and I need help please. I have cable internet. During a particularly bad outage I managed using a 4G wireless modem. Now that cable is stable(ish) I want to use cable as my primary with my 4g lte connection as backup.

In both cases I have a typical setup. Primary is Cable Provider to cable modem to wireless router to 3 additional wireless APs and wired connections. 4G is a combination Modem w/Sim & Router.

I have a Peplink Balance One Core. I originally thought I would set up in drop-in mode but I’m not sure I can do it in my scenario.

  1. First question, can someone with a fairly typical cable modem/wifi router set up use peplink in drop-in mode by going Cable modem/peplink/wifi router? And then connecting the 4g to WAN 2 on Peplink? Or have I diagramed that incorrectly?

  2. Assuming I get past 1, I’m confused about shared IP. I thought I would plug in the IP address of my existing wireless router as reported in its mgmt software (along with the other data fields required for drop in mode) but when I do that it doesn’t seem to work. And when I go through the wizard I can no longer connect to Peplink UI.

  3. If Drop-in Mode isn’t appropriate then I simply plug in cable modem into WAN 1 and 4G into WAN 2 of Peplink and then Peplink to wireless router? And then I just adjust inound/outbound settings? Do I turn off DHCP at wireless router and 4g combo modem/router and turn on DHCP on Peplink?

Thanks. I hope the above was clear. Very much appreciate any wisdom. Thanks.