DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) per client


Is DPI per client eventually planned because that is what is needed?



Hi @Rexymav,

DPI per client will be supported via InControl for serveral MAX and Balance models in Firmware 7.0.1.
Firmware 7.0.1 will be out soon, as far as I know it’s in RC (Release Candidate) status.

Please follow this post: https://forum.peplink.com/t/firmware-7-0-1-is-now-in-rc/10068.


Thanks, but I’m testing 7.01RC3 and I don’t see it unless I’m missing something. Are you running it and if so can you point me to how you view it per client?



Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to test it yet.
@Alan/@Tim_S, could you guide Rexymav in the right direction?



I saw a functionality via InControl that came simultaneously with the upgrades of 7.0.1. Might be that it was already on earth but we run our own ICA. First select a device then go to the clients tab. You can select one and them and then start the real-time monitoring with the blue button on the bottom. Which should be DPI in real-time. Until now unfortunately, I couldn’t get any result to be displayed…



Btw, in the firmware release:

InControl DPI Support: Added Deep Packet Inspection support on InControl for several Balance and MAX models. Support for per-client level reports.


Thanks, but still don’t see it. I get DPI reports for the last x records, but nothing for the individual clients. Maybe it needs to run longer to show up? Any chance you can post a snip or screen grab of where the button is?




Look on the bottom left

I’m in a customer group and selected one of the DPI enabled devices (here a FusionHub)


Per client reporting should be forthcoming. Thanks.


Looks like Venn above has it, but I don’t see it…??


Well, we have it but it doesn’t do anything yet…
I meant to tell you that it is on its way.


Did DPI per client ever get sorted?