DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) per client

Is DPI per client eventually planned because that is what is needed?


Hi @Rexymav,

DPI per client will be supported via InControl for serveral MAX and Balance models in Firmware 7.0.1.
Firmware 7.0.1 will be out soon, as far as I know it’s in RC (Release Candidate) status.

Please follow this post: https://forum.peplink.com/t/firmware-7-0-1-is-now-in-rc/10068.

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Thanks, but I’m testing 7.01RC3 and I don’t see it unless I’m missing something. Are you running it and if so can you point me to how you view it per client?


Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to test it yet.
@Alan/@Tim_S, could you guide Rexymav in the right direction?

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I saw a functionality via InControl that came simultaneously with the upgrades of 7.0.1. Might be that it was already on earth but we run our own ICA. First select a device then go to the clients tab. You can select one and them and then start the real-time monitoring with the blue button on the bottom. Which should be DPI in real-time. Until now unfortunately, I couldn’t get any result to be displayed…


Btw, in the firmware release:

InControl DPI Support: Added Deep Packet Inspection support on InControl for several Balance and MAX models. Support for per-client level reports.

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Thanks, but still don’t see it. I get DPI reports for the last x records, but nothing for the individual clients. Maybe it needs to run longer to show up? Any chance you can post a snip or screen grab of where the button is?



Look on the bottom left

I’m in a customer group and selected one of the DPI enabled devices (here a FusionHub)

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Per client reporting should be forthcoming. Thanks.

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Looks like Venn above has it, but I don’t see it…??

Well, we have it but it doesn’t do anything yet…
I meant to tell you that it is on its way.

Did DPI per client ever get sorted?

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Good day!
We are being asked for per client/per application traffic details. Can you tell us if that now works correctly?

Many thanks

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Hi… What is the current status of DPI per client? Now on firmware 8.0.1 on a MAX BR1 ENT. We just turned on DPI and are seeing some first overall traffic stats, but it is not obvious in the interface how to drill into individual clients. Is per client working? If so, how do I find it in the InControl interface?