Download speed twice lower through Peplink


I’m using Peplink Balance 20. WAN1 is 200Mbps connection and ISP have plans to raise the speed in near future to 600Mbps.
When I connect computer directly to router provided by ISP I get maximum speed around 225Mbps.
When ISP router is providing connection to my Peplink and desktop computer is connected to Peplink then maximum speed is around 130Mbps.
As I read from specs then also my Peplink should have 1Gb ports.

Why is download speed around twice slower when it goes through my Peplink?

The Balance 20 has a router throughput rating of 100 Mbps. To determine the total throughput you have, add the sum of all upload and download speeds for your WAN connections. The Balance 20 does have 4 GbE LAN ports, and you can compare router throughput ratings here on our web site.

I’m not much network or hardware guy to fully understand the meaning of all this math with no explanations.

Is there something I can do to make router work faster and hit the 200Mbps or not?


Router Throughput of Peplink Balance 20 is limited to 100 Mbps.

So, it’s normal…



So, the only way to get full speed is just to replace Balance 20 with something else?


If you look at the spec sheet, to reach the speeds that you are looking for, you are going to want a Balance 305 (Rated for 200Mbps of throughput) or higher.

Okay… speed here is the issue that pushes device selection far beyond planned budget for small network.
As network speeds here will grow rapidly over next year then I should buy enterprise class device for small company just to get speed up.
Any simple devices with high throughput coming in near future?