Download speed status discrepancies

Hi, i’m wondering if i’m looking in the wrong place, if i have a misconfiguration, or if the data reporting just isn’t what i expected it to be? I was trying to setup outbound policies and then correlate bandwidth usage w/ the various wans/tunnels to ensure my policies are working, but I’ve noticed that the download speeds shown on the status pages don’t match? Is this normal?

  • I’m looking at the Balance210 Status → Client list page and I start playing a video my phone and I don’t see the bandwidth increase or change for my phone for a while, there is lag in the data showing
  • If I have the Balance210 Status → Client list page open in 2 different windows on the same computer, or on 2 different computers, I see the same clients shown as using different data amounts (sometimes a little diff, but sometimes a lot).
  • if I look at the Status → SpeedFusion page vs. what I see on the Status->Client page (when all clients are using SpeedFusion) I see very different data… they don’t match up at all which doesn’t make sense to me at all.