Download firmware 8.1.0 for Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3

A couple of days ago I upgraded my Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 to firmware 8.1.1. It has been dropping out ever since. My first step in troubleshooting was to downgrade the firmware, but I don’t see it listed in the firmware download page.

Am I missing something? Also, if I do download, is it a simple install, or is there a trick to downgrading?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lyelaaah,

Older firmwares can be found in this link:

If you will perform a simple downgrade from System > Firmware your old configuration will be intact, to downgrade/upgrade just select your firmware image in manual firmware upgrade section. Also you can reboot your device to second firmware image from System > Reboot, but by doing this you will also reboot to your previously used configuration with that firmware, so most recent changes that were made while running 8.1.1 version will not carry over. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your helpful reply. I’ll give it a try and see if it helps!