Downgrade to Firmware 6.1.1?

A number of users are seeing crashes/lockups on our Balance one running firmware 6.1.2 build 1597.
See Problem with FW 6.1.2 build 1597 on Balance One

Although I’m happy to try to help Peplink debug the problem, I would like to have the option to downgrade to 6.1.1 which other users have reported is more stable - I can’t afford to have a flakey router come monday at 8am.

How do I get a copy of this older firmware version?

When you go to the reboot option on the router UI, there is an option to select the current firmware or rollback. Select the older firmware and reboot.

That is what I did and problems went away.

Tech support still will not confirm that there is a known issue.

However, I can certify there are problems with the Balance One running FW 6.1.2 (at least in my particular client locations using TWC as my ISP)…Both residential applications.

Thanks for the info, but unfortunately when i do this I only have one firmware choice. My Balance one is brand new, and it shipped with 6.1.2, which I’m guessing is why.

Then, tech support will have to send it to you.

Unfortunately, I cannot not find a FW archive list on their website like most other companies have.

Hi Larussa,

Your point taken. However it will be better if you can revert to v6.1.2 if possible. This will allow us to look into the problem better and speed up the troubleshooting time.

Thank you.

I will do it on my home office Balance One.

Just ordered one today. We can use it as a test site.


Hi Larussa,

Please let me know which unit was running v6.1.2, then provide the serial number and turn on Remote Assistance for me to check further. Please update the required info in ticket.

Thank you.

Okay, will do.