Downgrade from 7.1.1


Can anyone provide the firmware for 7.0.3 for the MAX BR1 MK2? I upgraded to version 7.1.1 and now I am no longer able to connect to Sprint, I can only connect when in generic mode, however I get random disconnects from this.


I believe the problem shouldn’t relate to the 7.1.1 firmware. I would suggest go through the troubleshooting steps below.


I have exactly the same problem. My BR1 Mini ran for 15 months with no problems on Version 6.4.x. On both Versions 7.0.x & Version 7.1.1, it connects to Sprint & then shuts off connection after 3 minutes.
Something has changed.
Is there a fix for this ?


Minor comment: We are wondering if this issue could be related to our inability to use a brand new Max BR1 Mini LTEA on the Sprint network in any manner whatever. (FW 7.1.1.)



Please open a support ticket for support team to check.


I submitted a support ticket but heard nothing after 3 days so shut off the Sprint modem. I guess I have to look at competitors products for an alternative that works on Sprint now.



From the ticket records, Support team had arranging with you to check from the device.



I am in the exact same boat. Brand new MAX BR1 MK2. I’ve spent at least 12 hours on phone support with sprint,and haven’t gotten anywhere. I think it’s not compatible with sprint anymore, at least from what I can tell.


Certain data plan from the carrier do have some restriction. The plan is specifically design for BYOD devices like smartphone, tablets. Look like the carrier has their method to detect whether the SIM card is used with the BYOD device. The internet access also not available for other Wifi clients even you enable hotspot from your BYOD device.

We see this problem before. The best way is check with the carrier.


Hi @aaronsb. Update: We were totally mislead by Sprint’s propagation studies. Not just the bogus/highly optimistic ones they publish on their web site, but those in the hands of their engineers. So, we did some extensive field tests and found that the Pepwave device was fine. Indeed, with a cross-polarized external antenna at another location, the Mini did quite well on LTE-A. And, that’s about as good as life gets.

Sorry for not posting an update earlier. Hope I did not mislead anyone.


If there are carrier restrictions preventing the device from being used, how is it even advertised as “usable” on a particular carrier? Are there hints or leads on what type of services from a given carrier will work?


I think what @TK_Liew was telling you that it was possible – in principle – that carriers can have some restrictions. What I am saying is that I do not think that is the situation vis-a-vis Sprint and that device. In my previous message I indicated we thought early-on that may have been the case but were definitely wrong. We have that exact same device and use it successfully with a Sprint SIM. Bottom line: “NO carrier restrictions.”

Now, I might mention that Sprint does need to know what device in which you are using the SIM and the SIM cannot be moved between devices without contacting them. But, that’s a different matter.


The pepwave team looked at my Mini BR1, made some adjustments but the problem still remains. My Mini logs onto Sprint and disconnects 3 mins & 58 secs later. It then logs onto Sprint again & disconects 3 mins 58 secs later again. This cycle repeats 24 x 7.
It ran for 15 months without issue until I upgraded to version 7.0.x
Perhaps Sprint has changed something but is it possible to downgrade to Version 6.4.x to see if the Mini returns to its former reliability ?



Engineering team is checking on your device now, we will update you shortly.

Just 1 question, when the cellular WAN health check is disabled ? We have the case whereby some ISP may disconnect the cellular WAN if no traffics send by cellular WAN connection.



I disconnected the WAN health check about a week or so ago.

I was concerned that Sprint would blacklist my BR1 Mini as a nuisance if it continually pinged.

Please feel free to do what you think to test the Mini.


Ian Reed


Based on our experience I don’t think that is a concern. Just don’t use one of their addresses as a target.



Suspect the issue may related to the SIM card registration, let’s us further discuss this using support ticket.


The Peplink support team finally got to the bottom of the problem with my BR1 Mini.
They reverted it back to Version 6.4.x but the problem still persists.
Clearly the problem is not the Firmware change.

Sprint changed something at about the same time as I did the Firmware update.
My Mini logs onto the Sprint tower succesfully but will disconnect after 3 to 5 minutes.
This behaviour was the same with Firmware versions 6.4.x & 7.1.x.
I had previously run for 15 plus months with no issues and a good data connection.
Next step is to find out what Sprint has changed.

I must compliment the peplink support team for their persistence in working to sort this problem.
They have excellent customer service.


My problem was resolved by the peplink team by reaching in and manually setting the Sprint APN to r.ispsn