Downgrade Firmware Peplink 310 to 5.3.12 on Hardware Revision 4

Hy all
I have question
Can i downgrade firmware on peplink Balance 310 Hardware Revision 4 to Firmware 5.3.12 ?
I was try and didn’t works.
Why Firmware 5.3.12 ? Because i want use one function where i find just on firmware 5.3.12 (i think).
And this function is, i can add two peer connection number and checklist “Remote client is set up in high availability mode.”


i want use this function on hardwawre revision 4.

can i ?

Thanks before

You should go for the latest firmware, which can be downloaded here, and you can find the Release Notes here.

In new firmware, it is more flexible to configure the SpeedFusion VPN (older name is Site-to-Site VPN), with PepVPN ID, that will eliminate the dependency on peer unit(s) serial number. You can find more information on the SpeedFusion VPN configuration guide from the latest user manual, under section 12.3.1 SpeedFusion.

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Thanks Wei ming,
but i can’t find features peer serial number except on firmware version 5.3.12

so, how i can find firmware version for using feature “peer serial number” on hardware revision 4?
i use this becauses i want to input 2 serial number on peplink (i using features HA)


Hi Aldy:

Sure, but on current Firmware you can setup both units to use the same “Local ID” and not have to put in both serial numbers making things easier to configure which is what Wei Ming was referencing.

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Okay Jason

tody i will try to upgrade the latest firmware version

Thank you all