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Im not very good with computer things but can some one explain to me why I get 50 &70 mbps down on my cell phone and 5- 30 down on my pep-wave max transit cat 18 . I have the mimo ant on the roof of my rv thanks for all your help

Same provider on phone and pepwave?
What’s the signal strength on the cell vs the pepwave?
Load cellmapper on your phone to compare.
Hover over the cell bars on the dashboard of the pepwave to show signal readings.

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yes cell and pepwave were on the same provider apple apps does not have cellmapper. I have been using speed test

You can check what model of iphone you have and what bands it supports?
I’m thinking the following is happening.
Either the pepwave is getting a different band, or the provider is throttling you back since it sees it as a router.
You could get a cheap unlocked android phone to do cellmapper.

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In addition to what @Jonathan_Pitts suggested (with which I agree), tell us what your signal metrics are. Here’s an example from one of ours:

No need to furnish a screen shot – just tell us what the “numbers” are. You may have multiple “connections” rather than the one shown here.



Here are the bands that you ask for I hope. I did not think about AT&T throttling the data that could be part of the problem thanks for looking at this for me

lte band 30 2300 mhz
rssi 48dbm sinr 23.0db rsrp 79db rsrq 14.0db


LTE BAND 66. AWS 1700/2100 MHZ

Well, what’s clear there is that the 2300MHz link is really, really good. Unfortunately, the others are horrible. Obvious questions:

  1. Exactly what antenna are you using and how is it connected? Are all antenna ports connected?
  2. How long is the transmission line between router and exactly what type is it?
    This sorta looks like an antenna-application mismatch.

I will also suggest, at least for now, disable 700MHz and retest. There are some “good” things about “700” propagation-wise but AT&T does not have a lot of spectrum there and sometimes – sometimes – that can drag down throughput.

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Poynting 7-in-1 MIMO Omnidirectional Antenna This is the antenna that I have on the roof of our rv it has a 6’ lead.I Bought both from the same supplier

OK. Interesting. I’m still suspicious. Poynting makes good stuff. 6’ transmission line is fine. Are you sure all connections are good? And, what do the metrics look like now? Any change with 700MHz is disabled?

I don’t think the “throttling” possibility that @Jonathan_Pitts suggested can be rejected at this point.

Iam a little slow getting back to this we were out of internet range for a while. I do not know where to change the bands at. I think it is set on auto at this time

Here’s a picture from a similar router which shows settings in use with AT&T. From the main mage go to Details → Cellular Settings → Band Selection. Unfortunately, because of the behavior of the various cellular networks some “fiddling” is often required to optimize.

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