Dorp-in mode *without* a firewall (on the same lan ?)

Hello all,

we already have a VPN MPLS with some operator. We want to do something else, but anyway.

There is no firewall on this site, because of MPLS link to the HQ one. The router has got a LAN IP address, and it’s of source the IP gateway for all computers on the LAN.

We want to expand the wan by using MPLS and other Wan links to build a speedfusion.

Do you know if it’s possible to put a peplink appliance between the LAN and the router and use the drop-in mode ? If yes, it could avoid us to change anything : nothing on the computers on the lan (same gateway…) and nothing on the router.

Of course, a peplink is on the other side of the MPLS VPN. We want to build a speedfusion link between those two peplink.s

Because of no firewall and so no “other” IP network, will the peplink be able to send the packets to the LAN side instead of WAN’one ?

Do you know if drop-in mode is possible without firewall on the lan side (and no two LAN networks) ?

Thank you

You have the right idea here! You can deploy the Peplink this way by giving it an IP address on the network. The computers on the LAN would keep their existing default gateway (the router).

A Balance 210 or higher model on each side will allow you to build a SpeedFusion VPN between these sites. Drop-in mode without a firewall is not a problem. The MPLS router determines the private LAN network for each location, and there will be LAN to LAN communication through the SpeedFusion VPN.

The advantages you will get with a SpeedFusion VPN are:

  1. Session persistence if a WAN link goes down (unbreakable VPN). This of course requires more than a single WAN on each side.

  2. Link aggregation or VPN “bonding” for increase bandwidth between these sites.

Dear Ron,

thank you very much for your answer.

Drop-in is a real good idea on your products.

Greats !

We’re going further with our tests and will give order in a few days.

Thank you for all your help and the quality of your products.