Dome LR cellular modems performance disparity / asymmetry

I have been testing my brand new Dome LR. I was pretty excited about the new capabilities, but noticed something peculiar about the cellular modems.

The Dome LR has two cellular modems which I refer to as Cellular 1 and Cellular 2.
In testing the Cellular 1 modem consistently has worse upload speed than Cellular 2 when tested independently.

Forcing the same band (2, 5, 66) and also setting the band to auto, I have not seen Cellular 1 out perform Cellular 2 on Upload bandwidth. The disparity can be as bad as 25 mbps cellular connection area (-80 dBm signal strength).

These tests were done over two different days, by running 5 trials and taking the average. I even tried swapping the sim cards and comparable results.

I cannot find any resources on the Dome LR since it is so new. Perhaps there is a directional antenna? Are the modems set up in an asymmetric way? Could there be a defect in the modem?

Any help would be great!

It could just be the max the tower is giving.

Could you expand on what this means? I do not know what you’re referring to.