Does the firewall also work in a downstream router?

Hi, I’ve purchased a “Surf SOHO Mk3” router, but it isn’t compatible to DSL, so I must use an DSL modem or another router, which is directly connected to the TAE socket then, while the Surf SOHO will be connected to the DSL modem or router.

But if so, what about the router password inside the Surf Soho router and what about the firewall inside the Surf SOHO then? Does the firewall still work, if the Surf SOHO is used as a downstream machine? Thanks for information!

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If possible I prefer to put the DSL modem into bridge mode. YOu can configure the SOHO with PPPoE details on the WAN port and when you do this the SOHO sees the DSL public IP on its WAN.

It means you only need to configure one router / firewall (the SOHO itself) when you want to open inbound ports.

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Hi, thanks for your advice, but unfortunately I’m overwhelmed with your information. I would like to know, what about the firewall inside the Surf Soho, if I use it as downstream device. The connection would be:

  1. TAE socket > router A

  2. router A > Surf Soho router

  3. Surf Soho router > computer

I would do it only that way, if I know, that the Surf Soho firewall would remain active then, becaus router A also runs a firewall. Thanks.

I’ll buy a DSL modem.

Hi. That’s often the simplest solution. ISPs often want to “do everything” for their customers – including supplying combination modems/routers. As @MartinLangmaid said, the SOHO can easily do the PPPoE log-in.

What you don’t want is to have routers back-to-back both performing NAT functions. The SOHO will likely do everything you want/need it to do.


I would notmally prefer to use a DSL Modem (like the Vigor 130) although if you shar ethe model number of the ISP router (router A above) I’ll take a look and see if it has a bridge mode or not (which is what the Vigor 130 does).

Rick is right - although you can do ISP Router (LAN) -> (WAN) SOHO (LAN) -> Computer you then have two NAT routers. with two firewalls active and complications can occur.

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Thanks. I also don’t want to have two firewalls one after another. I’ve ordered a D-LINK DSL-321B/EU ADSL2+ modem yesterday and I hope, that it will work. I’ll report that later here. If it won’t work, I’ll buy a Vigor 130 modem, thanks a lot for giving that tip!