Does the Aux SMA Connectors on MAX-BR1-LTE able to boost the received signal?

We have a site that have very faint cellular signal. Currently we are using an directional external antenna to get a better signal but still unstable now and then. Will it help to boost the signal if we connect another external antenna at Aux SMA connector?


Yes, I would advise connecting a second external antenna.
Also, you need two antennas to be able to recieve 4G LTE speeds.

Please take a look at these two quotes from a similar topic from @mldowling and me:

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Thank you for the insight. We will test it out.

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On my BR1 I have at the marina I have no issues with wifi or its signal but I think I may misunderstood the main/aux antenna usage.
I was under the assumption that only one was needed, that the main transmitted and the aux recieved and the aux wasn’t necessary, I have one 8’ digital marine antenna installed (see link) would it help if I installed a second antenna?

Thanks Dewayne

Hi @Akinsd,

I’m not entirely sure about what you’re asking.
You mention that you don’t have any issues with WiFi, but refer to a cellular antenna after that?
Is your question about the cellular signal or the WiFi signal?

You’re on the right track with the transmitting and receiving part when it comes to cellular, and that is also why you should always use two cellular antennas or a MIMO (2-in-1) cellular antenna.
If you want to be able to receive 4G LTE speeds, you need two 4G LTE antennas or a MIMO 4G LTE antenna.
You can receive 4G LTE signals with one antenna, but that doesn’t mean you will also get full speed.

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