Does QoS Individual Bandwidth with SpeedFusion expected to work?

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I am bonding together 3 1.5Mbps x 400 Kbps DSL lines using SpeedFusion and a Peplink Balance One router. I am routing all traffic through the SpeedFusion bonded tunnel to gain this aggregation and using a cloud provider as my Internet WAN connection. This is being done so that my children can stream Disney+ without buffering as well as so I can work from home. Obviously I want to ensure that my traffic for working is better prioritized over the kids traffic so I’m looking to use QoS and User groups to help prioritize traffic correctly.

What I have noticed is that clients are not directly respecting the individual bandwidth limit I’m imposing but it does appear (at least anecdotally) to actually limit the SpeedFusion tunnel performance rather than individual clients. So I had a couple of questions:

  1. Which traffic profile does SpeedFusion traffic fall under when applying Individual Bandwidth QoS rules if any? - I expected that SpeedFusion would be excluded from this profile but just wanted to check to be sure
  2. Is it expected that clients sending traffic through the SpeedFusion bonding tunnel are respecting the QoS Bandwidth limit being set for the Individual Clients?
  3. Are the bandwidth reservation settings in QoS applicable to the traffic within the SpeedFusion tunnel if it’s congested?

I primarily need to protect the limited upload bandwidth I have as that seems to be my largest limiting factor with all of this working from home. Establishing multiple tunnels is an option but I believe each tunnel being established adds some overhead (especially on the upload path) which is fairly limited (no more than 1.2Mbps total available and at that limit lots of retries as a result of congestion).

Any thoughts or advice would be welcomed to help me configure through this interesting time.


Based on a a similar question I had a while back, I’m not sure that QoS and speedfusion work together right now - Does per-user bandwidth control work with speedfusion bandwidth bonding? - #2 by aquablue

Maybe one balance running QOS in front of another balance running speedfusion would achieve this… I’m not sure the best way for you to achieve this since you need bonding for video as well as bonding for work and want to prioritize work ahead of video traffic. In my case I also didn’t want to simply set a limit on clients since I didn’t have much bandwidth to work with, but wanted work traffic to always take priority over netflix for example. This seems like it would be a nice feature request maybe to have easy client QoS ↔ Speedfusion bonding ↔ internet.

Thanks for posting this. I do hope there is some thought to this. It’s the only way for my family and I to have some what of a normal internet experience. The 900.00 license for it is a bit steep on the device side for bonding on the balance one core, but whatever it takes to keep tensions down during this time.

Hi JStata,

As you mentioned, multiple tunnels and outbound policies are probably your best option. If your data is not overly sensitive you could disable encryption from your speedfusion profiles to reduce the extra overhead to make up for the overhead of the extra Tunnel(s).

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Thank you for the feedback on this. I shall try the multiple tunnels to see if it work out.