Does power get sent out on WAN port SOHO Surf

Hello all,
I have a question. I have a customer that has a SOHO Surf MK3 where their Internet keeps going down and back up. Comcast came out and said that the SOHO is send 35 volts AC out to their modem causing the issue. Has anyone ever hear of that before?

Thats not a POE voltage and Id like to know how Comcast was even able to measure this.

Comcasts conclusion sounds very suspect to me…

Yeah I’m not sure how he knows it. The customer said he showed him. My son in-law is a supervisor at Comcast business and he said they’ve seen old devices cause issues like that but, it’s rare and the devices are usually really old. The SOHO was installed new in August last year. Right at this moment I see that something on the network is trying to use the same MAC address as the SOHO LAN. I’m going there tomorrow to check it out.

So I went onsite yesterday and metered the CAT6 cable from the WAN port of the SOHO with Comcast unplugged. I was getting between .011 and .324 VAC coming out of the SOHO. I had a new SOHO with me and tested that. Same voltages. If that’s all it takes to burnout their modems then they have issues. To keep the customer happy I replaced the SOHO and brought the other one back to the office. I set it up in a test mode and will let it run for a few days and see what happens.

Comcast is full of you know what. Have you gotten anywhere?

I ended up replacing the router and everything started working. I tried to default the router that was having issues it came back and has been working fine here on my test bench. I don’t know for sure what happened but, I did talk the customer into installing a new UPS. It’s all been quite since. I have a friend that owned a company years ago called Windy City Networks. His license plate was WCNET. Are you in the Chicago area?


No Im in california…