Does Peplink randomly enable Remote Assistance?

I’ve found that two of my Balance routers have had Remote Assistance randomly enabled on them. I do not have any open tickets. Is this normal?

Remote Assistance service is disabled by default. It can only been turned on through local Webadmin or IC2 Device tools. Someone accidentally turned on the service by clicking the turn on button ?

I am the only one with access and it was off. It randomly is turned on at times, so I just imagined someone from Peplink was taking a look at my configuration?

Hi Xerxes,

As sitloongs has stated, Remote Assistance can only be enabled through the WebAdmin interface or within InControl2 and is disabled by default.

If you would like us to investigate please open a support ticket to facilitate identifying the root cause of this behavior.

Thank you Xerxes.


It hasn’t happened recently but I’ve found it enabling itself over the last couple of months. I’ll keep an eye out and be sure to open a ticket when it happens again.