Does my Surf SOHO support Gigabit Ethernet?

I recently purchased a Surf SOHO from Amazon and the specs stated that it supported Gigabit ethernet. However when setting it up I only saw port speeds of Auto, 100Mbps, and 10Mbps. So now I’m wondering if I bought an old router from Amazon or I’m just not finding where the Gigabit port speed is listed. My router is Hardware Revision 2, Serial number 2932-820F-1175, Firmware version 6.3.0 build 1967. I’ve attached screen prints below. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Jeff,

Gigabit is supported if you choose Auto. There is an UI bug since 1000Mbps not included in the drop-down list. We will fix this accordingly.

Thank you for reporting this.

Jeff, Just an FYI - the Surf SOHO maxes out at an Internet connection speed of 100Mbps. The GB Ethernet is LAN side only.

Hi Michael,

To be more specific, I added comments below:-

Surf Soho H/W 1
LAN - 10/100Mbps
WAN - 10/100Mbps

Surf Soho H/W 2
LAN - 10/100/1000Mbps
WAN - 10/100/1000Mbps

Hope this help.

Mis-understanding. Somewhere else, I forget where, I was told that both hardware editions of the Surf SOHO had a maximum throughput of 100Mbps. My comment was *meant *to be about Internet bandwidth throughput, not the Ethernet port speed. Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

Hi Michael,

No problem. Your intention was clearly understood. :slight_smile: