Does bonding of same carrier require SpeedFusion License?


While I’m sure this is buried in some document, I cannot easily find the answer to this. If I want to bond 2, 3 or 4 SIMs together in a MAX-HD2 or MAX-HD4 to create 1 fast connection, do I need to buy a SF license if all SIMs are from same carrier?

The info I’ve read on SF, seems to sort of indicate SF is all about bonding multiple carriers together. I just want to be certain I understand this.

Would be nice if a matrix existed on the website; much like the one for the Smart & Essential care plans, that illustrates when one needs to purchase this license.

Bonding is about WAN connections. If you want to bond multiple WANs (in this case multiple Cellular WANs) the device that does the bonding needs a SpeedFusion Bonding license. The HD series all have the SpeedFusion Bonding license baked in.

Product comparison pages show what SpeedFusion features are supported natively and which need additional licensing or subscriptions (like primecare).
Like this one: - Model Comparison

Ok, thank you. So looking at the Features Matrix, so long as we don’t exceed 4 WANs, we don’t need to purchase an additional license when talking about an HD2 or HD4?