Does anyone have WiFi WAN connecting to CableWiFi or Optimum, Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity?

I have been having issues the past month. No issues for years. MAC address registered so no need to authenticate on a web page. Devices connect to the SSID without issue, even get IP, but no internet traffic passes, and health check obviously fails. I have tried changing the MAC addresses to see if the devices are being blocked by MAC but still didn’t work after registering the new MAC address. I am wondering if they have an issue with the system or are now doing some sort of deep inspection to keep Peplink devices and the like, from using their WiFi networks.

On the note of deep packet inspection, what could they be seeing that allows them to block the device? Any way to tweak / work around?

Perhaps the cable company considers you a bad guy. Maybe you sent too much data? Maybe you have been connected for too long? Maybe you have connected too many times to the same node? Just a guess, of course.

I have tried multiple devices, registered the MACs on different accounts, some business, some residential. I escalated to their senior management who has yet to say I was doing anything wrong or on any black list. They say no data limits, let you save MAC addresses for any device type and devices other than computers, cell phones, and tablet, their website says use as much as you want. So I highly doubt its tied to ME or usage. It seems to be they are somehow blocking the devices. I am trying to understand how they can do that and figure out what is a Peplink/router versus a cell phone/tablet/computer connecting to their outdoor hotspots. The MAC address was cloned on one device to mimic a phone.

Does TTL play a role? Like it can with cell phone data plans/tethering/hotspots? If so, can one set the TTL a certain way on a WiFi WAN connection?