Does anyone have WiFi WAN connecting to CableWiFi or Optimum, Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity?

I have been having issues the past month. No issues for years. MAC address registered so no need to authenticate on a web page. Devices connect to the SSID without issue, even get IP, but no internet traffic passes, and health check obviously fails. I have tried changing the MAC addresses to see if the devices are being blocked by MAC but still didn’t work after registering the new MAC address. I am wondering if they have an issue with the system or are now doing some sort of deep inspection to keep Peplink devices and the like, from using their WiFi networks.

On the note of deep packet inspection, what could they be seeing that allows them to block the device? Any way to tweak / work around?

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Perhaps the cable company considers you a bad guy. Maybe you sent too much data? Maybe you have been connected for too long? Maybe you have connected too many times to the same node? Just a guess, of course.

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I am awaiting my Peplink support ticket #20100446 to be re-opened but after months of troubleshooting the issue is with the health check.

My Peplink was working without issue and then overnight it started reporting both 2.4 and 5ghz WiFi WANs as ping failed. I use the same health check parameters on other WiFi networks and WANs without issue. If I disable healthcheck, the WANs work without issue. Its extremely strange. I have tried ping, HTTP health checks.

I do need health checks to work otherwise I will have issues with outbound rules, speedfusion, etc. The WISP did eventually state that there was a major upgrade done the night my issues started (mid-October) but I am not 100% certain. I have escalated and escalated and they say that everything is fine. I just don’t understand why the Peplink health check is failing. I even tried downgrading to an old firmware and the latest 8.1.2 RC1 beta.

I do get great performance from both WiFi WANs with health check off and speedfusion works. Its just very strange. I even tried cloning my MAC address to a new MAC address to see if the system was hung up on something with my MAC.

I had zero issues for 2-3 years then all this happened overnight, I did not touch anything or change any settings.

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@mystery I had same issue. But i saw your post i have solved my problem. Thanks for sharing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you solve?

FYI they did fix the network (took some months). During the course of that, they now block ping, so I am now having to use a different health check method but things seem to be working.