Does a SIM know if it's uninstalled/installed in a device?

I’m using a Pepwave Max Transit Cat 18 with a cricket simply data plan. When I signed up it was compatible with their IMEI checker, but now it shows as a 3G device that is incompatible. I’ve read a warning that if the sim is moved to another device and back to the pepwave, the pepwave would then be blocked from that point forward and no longer work. Otherwise the pepwave device should be grandfathered for a year.

Question: when moving the pepwave do I have to worry about the sim being bumped?

Will cricket or the SIM know if it’s uninserted and reinsrted into the same device?

(I’m packing up the device for a relocation and spent the last hour looking for the screw on SIM cover which I set aside… thought I’d ask before looking for it further :wink: )

Hi Turquesa,

Unfortunately I do not know the policies of Cricket to be able to give you a more accurate answer, however I comment that cellular operators can know if you have changed the SIM card device, this is because each device in this case Peplink or a cellular device has a number The only one known as IMEI, this is a unique ID of each device and when each SIM is registered in the cellular network they report the IMEI of the device in which it is installed. As for your question if Cricket can know if the SIM has been used in another device and then again in the Peplink device, yes, it is possible.

The sims stay in pretty good even without the door.
It’s possible that the sims could bump against something, and spring out just a tad, but still wouldn’t likely fall out of the device.

Carriers know what imei the device is that registers on the network. Some enforce more then others the devices they allow , or the one’s they throttle down.

Thanks! I just had a moment of concern wondering if the Cricket sim would have any way of knowing if it had been ejected and reinserted in the same device (not inserting it into any other device) in case it gets bumped while moving it. It is fine when the pepwave is powered off and then back on by removing power (didn’t test duration but had it powered off for a few hours during a storm and it was still fine after the storm). I don’t think the sim or Cricket should know about an eject/reinsert of the SIM into the same device as long as it’s not placed in a different device that has a different IMEI, but thought I’d triple check.

right a insert/removal (same device) would be no different then powering it off and back on.

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