Do you have any good antenna recommendations for a small camper (Westy/Eurovan)?)

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of not using a signal booster, and wondering about a good LTE antenna for a cellular router like the Max Transit Cat 18. The only thing is that I don’t have a huge platform, because it’s a small camper (i.e. Westy/Eurovan). Does anyone have any good recommendations for antenna? I don’t know if it’s been done, but it would nice to have some kind of foldable/extensible antenna that it does not take that much space, unless it’s folded up and extended.

Thanks for your help,


Hi. I have never used a signal booster. They were banned here in the UK for a long time and even now they have such great limitations in my opinion (mainly restricted frequency support) that I still can’t see any good reasons to use one unless you live and plan to deploy into a scenario where limiting the number of cellular frequencies is not a restriction.

A CAT 18 Transit with all the frequencies it supports, and with you being in an RV that will physically move and roam to different regions, countries and providers I would just buy and roof mount a good quality antenna and directly cable it to the Transit.

Peplink have their 107 Antenna
Which has the 4 LTE elements you want with a GPS element too.