Do we support QinQ?

A telco want to use a single VLAN, but “inside” several VLANs contained. Customer requests QinQ support.
Any experience?

This is not supported in current firmware, I have moved this topic to Feature Requests section, for relevant teams to review.

BTW, Layer 2 SpeedFusion might be the alternative option to achieve the same objective.

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Thanks WeiMing. As a fact we used L2 and it worked fine.

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Thanks WeiMing, we established L2 and it performed very well; customer accepted it!
Anyway, it would be nice to fully support this, specially with carriers.

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Glads that worked for your deployment. I am sure Engineering Team will review this article for consideration. :slight_smile:


Hi WeiMing, Have you already implemented QinQ ?
Is it available aready or soon ?

The development roadmap didn’t change since the last post. However, as mentioned, Layer 2 SpeedFusion might be the alternative to achieve the same objective.

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Hi @Heriberto_Garcia!

What kind of devices did you use? Was that cellular connection?
We are struggling with the same problem - a telco wants Peplink devices to transmit QinQ. Unfortunatelly the frame size is 1510 and our carriers support max. 1500.
Did you have to deal with the same issue?

Hi Wei Ming,

will any of the Peplink | Pepwave products support QinQ in the future?


Layer 2 SpeedFusion tunnels will allow QinQ traffics pass-through the tunnels by ignoring the MTU limit for the WAN. Packets will be fragmented before sending out via WAN by following the WAN allowed MTU.

Switch (QinQ) <–Jumbo Frame–> [LAN] Balance [WAN MTU1500]<--------L2SF---------->[MTU 1500WAN] Balance[LAN] <—Jumbo Frame —> (QinQ) Switch

Do you think this is what customer require ? If yes Layer 2 SpeedFusion tunnels should be the solution for the customer.

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Hi @sitloongs,

Our current project requires Peplink devices to be able to tag/untag a frame. We plan to use the L2SF to carry QinQ traffic and remove the S-tag on our CPE and transmit the C-Tag to the Customers (ISP) CPE.

There are a few other ways to do it but we wanted to use Peplink-only devices in this project.

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