Do these routers need a reboot once in a while?

Ok, I have a B20 that is a new install and I was testing to see how long it would take before it locks up or do something funky. It finally happened today after about approximately 30something days of up time.

Is there a need to put this on a reboot schedule just to make sure it doesn’t lock up at a time when I’m not in the building?


A reboot should not be needed, please open a support ticket for further investigation:

Thank you, I just submitted a support ticket. I looked at my event log, and last reboot was 6/17/16.

@eibyer, as a datapoint to compare against your 30 days before a hiccup, my Balance 20 has been up for 219 days (having it on a UPS helps!). I doubt seriously that I’m even close to having the highest uptime.


Good to know! I have ours plugged into a UPS also together with the modem and switch.