Do I need Speedfussion Licensing on each device?

I want to use speedfussion. I tested and did what I need.

Question. There are three options: What is what I need?

  1. TWO SpeedFusion Bonding License Key for Balance One/Balance One Core (One for each device) ($1800.00)
  2. ONE SpeedFusion Bonding License Key for Balance One/Balance One Core (for my main office) ($900.00)
  3. One PepVPN/SpeedFusion 20 Peers License Upgrade (Installed on my main office) ($999.00)

Please advice.

p.s. I tried to get this answer from your support and info emails, and no response from them, my trial usage is not expired

Hello Rodolfo,

It depends on how you need the Peplink’s to function on each side of the SpeedFusion tunnel.
A few clarification questions:

  1. How many total sites do you have? I believe it’s 2 so you would not need the license for 20 peers
    A. If more than 3, Can remote sites communicate through the headend to each other or does it need to be direct remote to remote?

  2. Do you require only your headend device to utilize SpeedFusion and PepVPN will work for the remote devices? Or do both sides of the tunnel require the benefits of SpeedFusion?

Thanks! Mike

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I have only 2 points. One point have 3 WANs and the other have 2 WANs

I will like to have the benefits of the SpeedFussion on this connection

Why is so hard to get an answer on this topic???

You just need 1 SpeedFusion license for each device. The amount of WAN connections doesn’t matter.

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There are two or three issues here for you to understand:

    The Balance One, with no additional licenses, has two WAN ports. If you want site #1 to connect a third WAN at one end point, you would need the software upgrade BPL-ONE-LC-5WAN, which enables you to change some of the LAN ports to function as a WAN. I see that upgrade online for $100 US.
  1. PEP VPN
    The Balance One comes with two PepVPN licenses. The number of PepVPN licenses required is determined by the number of Balance devices to connect, not by the number of WAN ports you use. The device can use all its available WAN ports for the VPN connection, but the connection to each remote site is only one license. The PepVPN will use all the WAN bandwidth but without SpeedFusion each session is limited to the bandwidth of the individual WAN that session is using at the time. Without SpeedFusion the bandwidth is not merged for an individual session. You only need to increase the PepVPN license if you want to connect a single device to more than two other devices. The configuration you describe does not require an additional PepVPN license, but PVN-LC-05 would take you up to 5 simultaneous connections if you need it later.

    To upgrade from PepVPN to SpeedFusion you need the SpeedFusion license on each end of the connection. That is BPL-ONE-LC-SF, and must be added to both ends of the VPN. That feature is $900 US for each device.

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