Do both WANs have same default MAC address?

Silly question, but does WAN1 have the same default MAC address as WAN2 on a balance?

In the admin interface, I’m looking at:
Physical Interface Settings
MAC Address Clone (x) Default ( ) Custom [mac address 11:22:33:44:55:66]

After having a custom mac set, and then selecting Default to revert to the default mac address, I’m wondering what the mac address box there is showing me.

No such thing.

Nope. Go to your status page and it will show the MAC addresses for each WAN port.

When Mac Address Clone is set to default the greyed out MAC is the default MAC address of that port.
Here is my WAN 2:

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Just curious is it possible for a peplink WAN to have settings to show up on the same MAC when it fails from WAN 1 to WAN 2?

We are using a WAN connection to upstream provider & having trouble when failing from 1 to 2 on cold standby. The WAN 1 works when standing alone, or when 2 is not in use. But when we fail to 2 from 1, the second connection fails to work unless the upstream router has it’s ARP entry cleared.

The tech showed that the hardware address is showing the same once it moves to wan 1 and wan 2.

Sure, you can use the MAC Address Clone featured on wired WANs. Check in the WAN details under Physical Interface Settings.