DNS will use

If I have 3 isp provider also 3 dns so what DNS will I used in that 3 ISP provider,

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hello recoms,

If you have a static IP address you should get the DNS server from the ISP. if your WAN’s are DHCP then it should automatically acquire a IP address and DNS server address from the ISP’s
if you are wondering on the health check settings for the connection, a DNS lookup will use the dns server from the above, but you can also define your own here. many people use google’s DNS servers for the health settings. I hope this helps

so What will I put in my dynamic dns settings, I have Peplink BPL-305 loadbalancer and it is connected to 3 isp provider

hello recoms,

if the WAN is configured for DHCP it should acquire the IP Address as well as the DNS server automatically once the ISP modem/device is connected as seen below - this is an example from the balance demo on Peplink website. you can click on the “Details” of the WAN connection on the dashboard of your balance to check this. if you need to configure Dynamic DNS Services you will need to register an account through a service provider. this link from the Peplink Knowledge Base(which is very useful and informative) should help Peplink | Pepwave - Forum