DNS Usage Statistics

I would like to see statistics concerning the number of DNS requests that the Peplink is responding to.


Hi Chris - thanks for the feature request.
Can I ask for more info on why the number of DNS requests is an important metric for you to keep any eye on?
What’s the underlying reason for monitoring the requests?

My immediate need is in that I’m looking at a third party DNS provider to provide DNS in the event something catastrophic happens to our Peplink or the building it is in. Many are priced on number of queries, and I have no idea how many we are serving.

Another help would be to make sure that queries are balanced between DNS servers and to see trends to spot something funky happening.

Thanks for the additional info. I’m pretty confident that the number of DNS requests made is not something we are currently recording on any of our devices - the idea is certainly new to me, but we will review this as a possible future metric to keep track of.

In the mean time, I assume the third party DNS service has a dashboard where they would display the number of requests (to be able to bill you)? You might consider initiating a failover manually to them for a couple of days over a couple of months and use that as an indicator for capacity planning? Or maybe you could use a third party network monitoring tool (like PRTG) to count the requests on your existing DNS server? If your existing in house DNS server is BIND then there is a a tool called DNSTOP which would give you the count that you need. Take a look here for more info: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/dnstop-monitor-bind-dns-server-dns-network-traffic-from-a-shell-prompt/