DNS setup for the devices in Peplink network

Hello, I’m using Peplink Balance 580 and I enabled DNS cache also I set public DNS in each WAN

now my question is what DNS setting I should put in the devices in my network. Should I put a public DNS address or put peplink as DNS server?

here is my peplink address

The LAN IP of the Balance assuming you have enabled the DNS proxy in Network > Lan | Network Settings

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Yes, I enabled it however, I ran a DNS benchmark my computer and the result said that Peplink is fastest if the DNS name is cached but very slow if it not.

OK. So if you want speed go direct. If you need to use multiple WAN dependent DNS servers (or you want local DNS entries) use the DNS proxy.

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but if the DNS name is already cached then Peplink will be the fastest. So I need to know the DNS cache process in detail and the size DNS cache. My last question is if DNS cache for each device individually or there is a share DNS cache?

OK so super curious as to the use case and why you are so anxious about DNS caching?

Let’s also ask @TK_Liew or @WeiMing to see if they can get detail on any potential max cache size. Pretty sure its a shared cache for all LAN side devices.

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The majority of sessions in my network are DNS sessions so I really need to find the best way.
Thank you

Why is that? Are you a DNS provider?