DNS Server on Interface Without Public IP Address

I need to know if it’s possible to Publish DNS Server and select an Interface which has not any Public IP Address on it ?

my scenario is a WiMAX Modem which has been connected to the Peplink Balance. we have only “One” Public IP address which has

been set on the WiMAX modem itself. the associated WAN connection on the Peplink obtains the IP Address by DHCP method from the WiMAX modem , but we have configured DMZ on the WiMAX modem to forward any traffic to the IP address of the Peplink’s WAN port.

my question is that could we setup Inbound/DNS load balancing using this WAN port with private IP addressing ?

Thank you.

Yes, you can setup Inbound/DNS load balancing with this WAN port, as the UDP 53 port is already forwarded to the Peplink units itself via DMZ from WiMAX modem.