DNS Server Not Responding

Another weird error from my unit.

Use cannot connect to the internet. Receives the error “DNS Server not Responding” on the local browser.

No Time Sync Fail error cde this time.

Anyone else.have this issue?

  1. What is the WAN connection status show in Dashboard?

  2. Are you able to ping to internet (e.g. from this unit during problem occur?

  3. Are you able to ping to the destination host (e.g. www.google.com) from this unit during problem occur?

  4. May I know what model and firmware you are using?

  5. What is the DNS settings of WAN interface in this unit?

  6. What is your client PC DNS settings?

The problem is too generic. More input will help us to diagnose further.

  1. Connected

  2. Yes

  3. Yes

  4. MOTG S4 that firmware you just sent me.

  5. Default

  6. No idea

I suspect client PC issue, especially if no other users are seeing this.

Agreed with Tim. Suspect the problem at client PC since internet access from this unit is normal.

Please confirm the problem PC:-

  • Can grab IP from MOTG?
  • Can access to MOTG LAN IP?
  • Can ping to
  • Can ping to www.google.com?
  • What is the DNS settings?

Why do I have so many problems with these units? I’ll have vsat, dsl and 4 usb modems plugged into one of these and the thing still looses connectivity. How is that even possible? You’re talking about 5 layers of redundancy. What is the deal?

Based on initial checking and your feedback, this unit is having connectivity. Need your help to check on clients side.

Alternatively, you may open ticket for us to take closer look.

Yeah really not talking about this unit in particular. I just had four of these things go down tonight and I have clients screaming at me. All my WAN connections work fine until I run them through your unit.

I really want your product to work, but I am running out of faith.

The other units also having same symptom? If yes we really need your help to dig more info. Please open ticket for us to look closer. We are ready for help.