Dns resolution - cidr block

Hi everyone,

I just bought a peplink 310. I am trying to understand it’s functionalality. I have a cidr block (64 ips) and I am running red hat 8.0 (RHEL 8).

I am using bind so I have configured my zone file as db.domain.zone and it is pointing to

None of my domains are resolving. The company I bought the router from is doing an awesome job but I am just curious and would to figure this out.

I have pointed the domains from enom at the router but no luck. If someone has any idea please let me know. I know dns resolution takes 3 days max. What am I doing wrong

It. Turns out I was missing a network card to run my dual name servers and the I needed to change the IP addresses to 10.0.0.x to make it run correctly

Hi Chris,
Whats your plan for the B310? Is i some form of inbound load balancing?
Maybe you could share come screenshots o fyour config so we might see what you’re looking to do?

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