DNS Records and IPSec

I’ve successfully established an IPSec VPN connection between my Balance 20 and Balance One.

The Balance 20 uses
The Balance One uses

Two Questions:

  1. On the Balance 20, I have a server with a DNS record, server.example.net

I’d like to be able to setup the Balance One so that server.example.net would resolve to I tried entering this information as a local DNS entry on the Balance One, but it did not work. Is it possible to do what I’m looking for, or is there something else that I need to setup to make this work?

  1. Is there any way to make it so that the computers on each end of the VPN show up when you browse the network on MacOS?


Below is the recommendation:-

  1. Having Active Directory and DNS server (Recommended and this is a proper way)

  2. Configure L2 SpeedFusion between these 2 sites.

  • This will make 2 site having same subnet. Thus you will able to access by hostname.
  • Disadvantages:-
    -> You have to change IP subnet at 1 site.
    -> ensure the new subnet can cover all all devices.
    -> You will having problem if you have multiple sites in future and run in same way.
  1. Add all remote host names in Local DNS Records
  • You have to add all remote host names. You have to do at all sites.
  • Disadvantages:-
    -> Very troublesome if you have multiple sites.
    -> Host name cannot can’t be resolve if user change the host name.

Again, you are advised to have AD and Internal DNS based on your requirements.

Hope this help.