DNS proxy not working

I recently purchased a Balance 20 and I’m having problems using the DNS proxy feature. When it’s enabled DNS requests do not resolve. To minimize the variables for troubleshooting I’ve configured the B20 this way:

Firmware: 5.4.9 build 1732
Only one WAN enabled
WAN>DHCP Settings> “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is disabled
WAN>DHCP Settings> “Use the following DNS server address(es)” enabled. Google DNS IPs entered manually (,

LAN1>DHCP Server Settings>DNS Servers>“Assign DNS server automatically” enabled
LAN1>DNS Proxy Settings> enabled.
LAN1>DNS Proxy Settings> “DNS Caching” disabled.
LAN1>DNS Proxy Settings> “Include Google Public DNS Servers” disabled.

I have since updated the Firmware to 6.1 but it didn’t correct the problem.


I had reproduced your settings but it is working fine.

Appreciate if you open ticket at https://cs.peplink.com/contact/support for further investigation.

Thanks, will do