DNS Proxy needs a different Resolver option for DNS Filter


I am using MAX BR1 as my network gateway/ firewall /local dns/ etc. using only the LTE cellular as my only internet source. All working fine. But we have a filtered DNS service which I have been pointing to as the DNS server in the cellular section of the WAN settings. However, there are operation situations (power outages combined with changing IP from our cellular provider) where using a filtered DNS causes us problems with dropping off Incontrol. We really need to specify a solid public provider for uninterrupted stable traffic between our device and Incontrol.

So, I need to use e.g for my cellular DNS. But when I go to configure the forwarder for my local DNS, I need to be able to put in our DNS filter’s servers, but I can’t. My only option to select the cellular connection’s DNS. Why is that? Why can’t I specify a different DNS option here?

If I didn’t need a local DNS server, I could put the filter resolvers directly into DHCP on my networks. That works fine and my traffic gets filtered. But that leaves me no local DNS.

Any suggestions?




I should mention that the DNS Resolvers section of the DNS Proxy allows you to put in any resolver under LAN connection, but that seems to be expecting a local address on the LAN, as if say you were using AD for local DNS. If you put in a internet address under LAN Connection, its seems to be ignored.



There has been zero response on this. I really am struggling to implement a dns filter using Pepwave in a solid, reliable way.

I really need a way to specify a DNS service for my users that is independent from what the Pep itself uses.




Hi Steve,
so you use the DHCP from the Peplink Router?

There is in the current version no option 6 available…

with this option you should be able to change the DNS Server. Maybe you can use another DHCP Server in this LAN instead of the implemented?




Thanks Dennis. I didn’t know about option 6. How is specifying a DNS server by option 6 work differently than the way we usually send out the DNS server via DHCP? How would that help my situation? I have no trouble using Pep’s DHCP to point everyone to the Pep’s DNS. That is what I want because the Pep has my local names. I just can’t control what happens next - where the Pep’s DNS forwards non-local queries.