DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config error when on WiFi WAN

I have a Pepwave Max Transit LTEA that came as part of the Airstream Connect implementation. It is running firmware release 8.2.1 build 5372. I am trying to get WiFi WAN set up to connect to my home network to avoid the use of a limited cell data plan. My home network is a Ubiquiti Unifi Secure Gateway (USG) and two APs . The ISP I use is a DSL service through CenturyLink.

When I enable the WiFi WAN on the Pepwave I am able to connect to my home network just fine. The signal is good since I have it sitting in close proximity to an access point. As a router WiFi client I can connect to anything on my network through http, SSH, FTP, etc. and I can ping public IPs like Google DNS. But when I try to browse to a public web site I get an ip not found error. I have tried this on several devices with several browsers and noticed that the Chrome and Google browsers return a DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config error. I can successfully navigate to the same sites on the same client devices when directly attached to my network WiFi. I have also so I assume there is some setting (or lack there of) in the Pepwave that is causing this.

I have been through the DNS and WiFi console settings and nothing jumped out at me so I am uncertain what information would be valuable here but I am new to the Pepwave product and management console so any help I can get to identify the source of this issue would be helpful.

Addition: below is a snapshot of the WiFi configuration… should there be something listed in the DNS fields? I would have thought that the ISP DNS server addresses would show here.

Yup, tick the ‘Obtain DNS Server address automatically’ checkbox and the peplink will use the DNS servers assigned by your USG over DHCP it should all come right.

That was the issue… thanks for the help.

Just curious… shouldn’t the Pepwave have set that configuration option when I connected to the network as a new client?