DNS / MX records


I am trying to configure the DNS records on the PEPLINK 580. Our email set up is like this:

email address: [email protected]
mail server for test1.com: mx.test2.com

The mx record is not configured on the same zone.

Is there a way around this? thanks

I assume you have configured the zone of test1.com in Peplink properly. Also, the “mx.test2.com” is point to the actual mail server and it is a valid A record which can be resolved in Internet.

The MX Record will be:

Host: test1.com.
Priority: 5
Mail Server: mx.test2.com.

The test1.com domain zone is already configured but when I am configuring the MX, I can not enter mx.test2.com because the domain is being generated automatically to test1.com. I am currently using BIND for my DNS servers wherein the the test1.com domain contains the mx record of mx.test2.com. Appreciate if you can extend your instructions more in detail. thanks in advance.

You need to append a trailing dot at the end of “mx2.test2.com” -> “mx2.test2.com.”

Hi Chung-lai,
thanks for your support. I forgot to give update yesterday about the information I got regarding the “trailing dot” for a dns record on a foreign domain. This solves this issue. thanks again!