DNS Lookup

Hi All,

Im using Peplink Balance 720 . My PC DNS address pointing to Peplink LAN IP . Its deployed in NAT Mode. I have two WAN Link . WAN 1 is pointing locally in Malaysia and WAN 2 pointing to Singapore as gateway out. There is reason why we have such WAN requirement.

I have Outbound Policy to facebook.com to route via WAN 1 , which is resolve the domain using WAN 1 Interface DNS address which reside in Malaysia too. These give good ping response time since facebook hosted locally in malaysia . In another word, Malaysia ISP DNS, resolve locally hosted facebook IP address which give better ping responce-time if use LOCAL ISP wan link.

I have another Oubound Policy for Youtube.com to route via WAN 2, since Singapore youtube gives better ping response time on my WAN 2 < 10ms . I have set WAN 2 interface to use Singapore ISP DNS . But whenever i do nslookup in my PC, its resolve youtube.com using WAN 1 Interface DNS, and not WAN 2 interface DNS( as its suppose to) and then it route the traffic via WAN 2. This makes the domain resolve to malaysia IP and then routed to Singapore(following my outbound policy) , and then routed back again to Malaysia via ISP backbone which end up in high latency.

Can i know why is it works perfectly for facebook.com but not youtube.com ?

Anybody? Need Help…

When the Balance is a DNS proxy, it will use what is configured on all WAN links to resolve DNS requests. An nslookup from your PC will not use outbound policy rules in the Balance, but instead it is handled by the DNS proxy server.

Your outbound policy rule by domain name will send http or other traffic out the proper WAN OK. How about adding the IP addresses for Singapore youtube.com in the local DNS records area under Network> LAN> DNS Proxy Settings? Does that solve the issue?


1)If the nslookup is handle by Balance DNS Proxy server, why doesn’t it resolve youtube domain via WAN 2 Interface DNS setting ? Which WAN link DNS it will use to resolve the domain name?

  1. If I add Local DNS record, does it allow to add multiple IP for single domain ?
  1. The Balance could use either WAN to resolve DNS. If you click on the “?” in the upper right hand corner of the DNS Proxy Settings you can configure advanced settings for the DNS resolver selection.

  2. I confirmed that a local DNS record only allows a single IP address to be assigned to a domain name.