DNS host aliasing?

For DNS requests, I need to alias www.google.com to forcesafesearch.google.com. We have 3 LANs, 1 untagged + 2 VLANs. Untagged LAN is using an internal MS DNS and I can replace host here and it is working as expected. The problem is left fro the VLANs as Peplink Balance is managing DNS requests.

Is there a way to alias a hostname so that www.google.com is forwarded to forcesafesearch.google.com?

How can I achieve this?

I think I have solved the problem enabling the DNS proxy service and adding manually hosts in the list with hostname/IP mapping. Is this correct? Is the DNS proxy being used only by VLANs (as the untagged network is using MS DNS server)

I would think that you want to enable dns proxy, it is really a DNS cache. You also want to enable dhcp forwarding which should force any outbound requests to the local proxy (enabled above)

Hope this helps.

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