DNS help with authoritative domain(s)

Hi there all - I’ve been using a Pair of Peplink 380’s in HA for more than 5 years now and there’s a burning question I have never been able to work out - its about DNS.

I have a domain - actually a couple - for example saas.com - hosted at networksolutions.com I want to make the Peplink the authoritative DNS server for it but using the guide it says :-

****Configure the Peplink as Authoritative DNS for domain “foobar.com” means Peplink will hold all DNS records (A, MX, CNAME, TXT etc) for the domain. You would need to modify the NS records on Domain Registrar (The company that you purchased the domain name, such as Godaddy, Networksolutions, etc), and point the NS records to Peplink’s IP which defined as DNS Server

**Unfortunatly networksolutions wont allow this (no IP only FQDN) as do most of the other registrars I have tested 1and1 enom etc so I have had to create a second domain hosted elsewhere for example saaslb1.com and create a record that says ns1 = peplink WAN IP - then use ns1.saaslb1.com - this does work but worries me for stability (and also shows glue errors in DNS checkers) - any ideas on what the correct method is?

My active 380 is running 4.8.2 - old yes but works great

Many thanks


I’m pretty sure that what networksolutions.com will do when you tell them that the new NS for saas.com is ns1.saas.com, is to pull the A record, cache it, and return it in the additional section upon a NS query for saas.com. So, configure the A record for your new nameserver on both the new nameserver itself and the hosted nameserver, then do the switch.