DNS Health CHeck failures

I have had this issue on many Peplink Balance Ones.
I can usually resolve with using and /or adjusting the interface speeds or switching to HTTP healthcheck but I cannot seem to resolve it on this particular site.
We have a Spectrum Cable with Static IP
350 Mg/150 Mg Coax.

Constantly going in and out.
I have issue at other sites but have Fiber as secondary WAN and doesn’t seem to happen as often so it’s not as noticeable. We have no 2nd access at this site so it is causing major issues.

I have read every post with same issue and tried all fixes I have seen.

As a temporary quick-fix you could disable the heath check altogether but it sounds like you have a poor quality connection from the ISP and you should probably setup a service call with them. Thanks

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Adding to what @Tim_S just said …
I think the next step I’d take is to disable Peplink health checks and then start one or more sessions using as tool such as Multi-Ping to see what connectivity really looks like.

We’re dealing with a very similar situation right now – in this case, yet another “Comcast issue.” We really don’t think it’s the Balance router and probably is not the modem. We’ll know in another few hours, but we think it’s the network.

The only way we’ve really found to effectively diagnose such issues – and provide proof to the experts at “finger-pointing” who seem to inhabit tech support cubicles – is to provide hard-copy documentation.


I have been running a constant ping , directly cabled to ISP modem, for 24 hours with no drops yet yet signal through the PEPLINK goes out every 30-60 seconds.
ISP gave me access to their modem and I see no alerts in there equipment either

Methinks you might want to open a ticket with Peplink. That’s not what I expected you to say. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Will do. I am 150 Miles from this site and really dont want to take that trip today. lol

Question…I have never dealt with Peplink Troubleshooting. How would I open a ticket?

Hello @wsabee,

You can open a support ticket > Here <