DNS Configuration question

Please excuse my lack of experience with the Peplink range.

I have a Windows 2008 Server( and a Peplink e30 ( with 2 ADSL connections - one to BT Internet and one to Demon (THUS).

The Peplink uses a ADSL modem for each connection and uses the DNS for each provider.

DHCP on the server gives the gateway as .3 and the DNS Server as .2 (the server)

DNS Server on the server was set so the forwarders were just the Demon DNS servers. I have now added and the BT one to the list.

My issue is that although my download speed is 3-6MB/s, t can take 5-10s before the page starts to appear.

Please can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong or what I might do better?

Many thanks


Hi Andy.
Your DHCP configuration is correct. Make the primary DNS forwarder on the server .3 (Peplink)
The Peplink will then utilize the different DNS servers as detected or specified for your 2 Internet connections.

Dear Cobus

Many thanks for your helpful reply. I have made this change and it does seem to be working much better.

Easy when you know how!

Thanks again