DNS configuration in Drop in mode


I just installed a Balance 380 in drop in mode but I’m confused how I should configure for proper DNS management.

My firewall/DHCP server is on WAN1 and continues to lease the WAN1 DNS info to clients.
I added a second WAN where I would like to route normal internet browsing, while keeping WAN1 only for the existing VPN connection and some special cases, so I added an outbound rule for normal traffic to be directed on WAN2.
Turns out that clients DNS request are routed trough WAN2 but WAN1 DNS server does not reply to request coming from a different ISP, so I had to add another rule to enforce traffic to DNS servers on WAN1.

Is there a more elegant solution?
Can the Peplink be used to choose the “most appropriate” DNS server?


With the Balance DNS proxy enabled, it will use the DNS servers on all WAN links by default. To modify this you can click on the “?” in the upper right hand corner of the DNS proxy settings under: Network> LAN> DNS Proxy Settings for advanced settings. You can then choose which DNS resolvers to use.