DNS Caching defaults to OFF?

I’ve noticed that when i’m on my laptop using a Verizon LTE hotspot, web browsing feels faster than when I’m at home, even though the network at home is 10x as fast as the LTE.

I’m suspecting that slow DNS resolution might be to blame.

At home, the Peplink is using the ISP DNS servers (Time Warner Cable), and on the Peplink DNS Proxy Settings, Proxy is enabled, but I notice that DNS Caching is Off.

Is there any reason to not turn DNS Caching ON? How long will DNS results be cached for? I’m wondering why it defaults to OFF?


DNS Caching may not suitable for the services (e.g. SMTP proxy) that fully rely on ISP’s DNS. Hence, it was disabled by default.

This is depending the TTL (Time To Live) that configured on the Authoritative DNS server.

Please find the answer in question 1.