DMZ Failover?

Looking at the peplink 210 for our business. We have two isp’s and are looking to make failover work for our web servers in the DMZ. Can the 210 do this and does it have any kind of DMZ ?

Inbound load balancing then :slight_smile: Peplink should be able to help.

This page on our Knowledge Base should give us a good start.

The knowledge base article doesn’t say anything about DMZ capability.
Also need to know if peplink can handle the servers having external ip’s.

Peplink does DMZ by NAT mapping and configuration is pretty straight-forward. Here is the page that has it covered.

My servers have external ip addresses, not internal.
Will peplink work with this setup ?

Yes and here is how it works.

That KB article shows the servers having internal addresses. My servers have external addresses.

I believe your servers are binding public IP address directly. Then, about the secondary ISP, you can define the Inbound Access/NAT Mappings (the KB article that Kurt sent to you), to map the IP of 2nd ISP to the current public IP address that bound by the server.

It’s not a DMZ if they are using their own distinct external IPs - it’s the outer edge of your network

a DMZ is between you ingress point (where you will port/address/forward and NAT) and your true internal network (where you will route again).