DMVPN support on MAX products


Hi Everyone,

Can Peplink support Dynamic Multipoint VPNs on all products?




Hi Grant - we don’t have DMVPN in our plans at the moment. What is driving this request?

Our SpeedFusion can be used in a fully meshed topology, so it can achieve results similar to DMVPN, and often better in terms of throughput and failover options.


Not sure I see the value in Peplink doing so - would also be interested to hear more about the demand.

Had someone else ask about DMVPN recently: Dmvpn cisco Vs Peplink speed fusion and my views on it are still the same - you can do more with SpeedFusion / SD-WAN than with DMVPN so SF wins in my opinion.

If you’re looking to integrate new SpeedFusion infrastructure with an existing DMVPN solution then I would recommend keeping them separate and using BGP as the bridging protocol (or just static routing with a sensible subnet topology) at the core/hub location.


Hi Martin,

That is what I said to the customer, I think they are a Cisco house so have been pushed to go down the Cisco DMVPN route but already have Peplink deployed so I am trying to convince them that Cisco is not always the best. It an up hill struggle sometimes.




Benefits aside DMVPN is proprietary to Cisco anyway so unless they decide to license its use to other vendors (which I don’t believe they do right now with DMVPN) then Peplink itself wouldn’t be allowed to use it.