DMARC Explained: Email Security Made Easy with One DNS Record

Does anyone know how to configure the dmarc in peplink?

DMARC records are just TXT DNS entries. You add them to your public DNS host.
So unless you are doing inbound load balancing where your Peplink router is acting as the authoritative DNS server for your domain, you would configure this on your public facing DNS servers - normally your domain hosting company.

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Dear Martin, we using peplink doing the inbound load balancing as the authoritative DNS server to host my custmer domain, do u have any sample configuration which you did for your customer?


As mentioned by Martin, DMARC is just TXT record. In term of what strings need to define for the TXT record, it’s really depend the actions need to be performed for the DMARC.

Please check the URL below that will walk you through the actions that requires for the DMARC string: